At MindFull of Art we know that art has a beneficial impact on our mental health. Research has found that even a short visit to an art museum can be beneficial for our bodies and minds, but you can increase those benefits exponentially when you make art.

For many years the main limiting factor on creative achievements was determined by the technical skills of the artist. Fortunately, this is no longer the case!

Our platform offers the possibility to develop your creative mind and discover the artist in you effortlessly.


Our purpose is to make art creation more accessible to a wider audience, allowing you to create unique artistic collages with easy-to-use image editing tools.

Vision and Objectives

Our platform has been envisioned to support mental wellbeing in times when everyone has been challenged with health or economic concerns.

We want people to be able to use art as a tool to center themselves when life becomes overwhelming.

Art allows for people to express in a creative way their problems, giving them the opportunity to heal, boost up their confidence while enhancing their resilience.

Mindfull of Art Values